Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CodeMash, Well, maybe next year

Well, not all good things come to pass, or something like that.

As you know I had planned to attend the Codemash conference this Thursday and Friday in Sandusky. I was pretty psyched about the speakers and content but mostly about the networking oppourtunity. Clearly I'm in the midst of working through how to move forward with my career and I was looking forward to the chance to speak directly with people who have taken their career to the next level and get their advice on what to do next.

Well, not gonna happen now.

One on the downsides of being a contractor is no paid vacation. So after 1 1/2 weeks of no pay, facing another 2 days without pay plus the expense of the conference itself, while low, is still too much at the moment. I was still going to go anyway until it was announced that Jessie Liberty is not attending and that Jeff Blankenburg is giving his talks. The same Jeff that is giving the same talk at the Cleveland .NET SIG tonight.

So, much to my dissappointment I will not be attending codemash. This year. I suppose there is always next year.


Jeff Blankenburg said...

John, thanks for your support. I really think it would be well worth your while to head to Codemash still. There's an amazing array of speakers there, and it's one of the best conferences in this area, by far.

I do apologize for the hiccups last night, and hope to have them remedied for Thursday and Friday. Thanks for your understanding.

John Stockton said...

I know CodeMash would be a great event to attend but unfortunatly it's not happening for me this year. :(