Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cleveland Day of .NET

Cleveland Day of .NET Logo Finally!

Cleveland is finally getting a real one-day, free, community driven, developer conference.  That's right, clear your calendars for Saturday May 17th as there will be an all day multi-topic, multi-session conference for all of us.  The website ( will be open any day now and will start accepting registrations immediately. 

We are also accepting proposals from anyone that would like to present one of the sessions.  We most likely will have more proposals than available sessions but don't let that discourage anyone.  So polish up your best content and send it to

We also need sponsors to help offset some of the costs of putting on a free event like this.  If any of you would like to sponsor or would like us to contact your employer please drop us a line to

So head on over to, register and show up and learn a lot!

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